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We make every manufacturing possible
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We Are a Custom Large Steel Fabrication, Welding, and Machine Building Company Located in Southwest Ohio

Let us prove how your next job can be produced efficiently and accurately with competitive pricing. We look forward to bidding on your next project.

We Make Every Manufacturing Job Possible

Whatever your specifications are, Tri-Mac has the resources and experience to get the job done.
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Stainless Steel Plate Fabrication

We’re well-prepared and well-equipped to get the job done in stainless steel, a difficult medium that not all manufacturers can work with. Steel plate fabrication is one of our specialties.
material handling screw conveyor

Plate Fabrication in Other Metals

Our expertise isn’t limited to stainless steel, we can tackle plate fabrication in a wide range of metals to meet your specifications.
stainless manifold

Stainless Steel Welding Service

Not only can we manufacture stainless steel components, we’re also ready to take on any stainless welding job. Our welders are AWS D1.1 certified!
stainless manifold

Industrial Commercial Fan Fabrication

Industrial, commercial fans are a great exemplar of our work because they’re quite sizable and heavy-duty. We can complete projects like these with no hassles to our clients thanks to our experienced crew and expansive facility.
large industrial fans

Pulp and Paper Fabrication

Many of our clients work in industries such as pulp and paper manufacturing, and we can create the specialized components they need. We help OEM’s manufacture their parts in the United States. Check out our products page for examples!
Repaired Mixing Rotor

Industrial Repair Services

If your industrial metal components are beginning to show signs of wear or damage, we can help get them back into their best working order.

industries we work with

Tri-Mac has partnered with many industries since we opened our doors in 1982. Check them out below, and get more details on our Industries page! Our adaptable skillset and resources allow us to work within a variety of industries.

We create precision components designed to be exact in their application

Process and safety engineers regularly turn to us for help
Conveyor equipment is just one example of what we’ve done in this space
We’ve fabricated a wide range of processing and harvesting components
Heavy-duty machinery designed to work hard is another one of our specialties

We’re able to tackle even big jobs

Hoists and lighting arrays are well within our wheelhouse

From small components to large wind turbines, we can fabricate it all

Our facility is well-equipped to create as many components as your vehicles need
We work in an array of metals suitable for use with various chemicals
The size of our facility makes us a natural choice for extensive duct work projects

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Always dedication for quality fabrication.
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