Who is Tri-Mac Manufacturing? More About Us

July 30, 2021

Who is Tri-Mac Manufacturing? More About Us

Our Metal Fabrication Company Leads the Pack

Tri-Mac Manufacturing is an industry-leading metal fabrication company. Based in Hamilton, Ohio, Tri-Mac has provided stainless steel fabricating, welding, and machine building since 1982. Hamilton is known as a major industrial hub and has a reputation for manufacturing excellence. We’re proud to continue this tradition as the go-to metal fabrication company in the Central U.S.

What Sets Us Apart

There are many reasons to consider Tri-Mac for your next metal fabrication project. What sets us apart is designed to give our customers the best experience possible. Our knowledgeable crew has decades of experience and an eye for design that surpasses other metal fabrication companies.


Our years of metal fabrication experience have provided us with the ability to offer the best service possible. The welders we employ are AWS D1.1 certified. Additionally, we’re experts in stainless steel and can handle the product professionally, which is not something many other manufacturers or welders can claim. Some of the more niche components we’ve fabricated include industrial air scrubbers, industrial air scrubber systems, industrial cyclones, industrial cyclone separators, stainless steel cyclone separators, and stainless steel centrifuges.

Wide range of customers.

Tri-Mac has the ability to produce all sorts of metal fabrications. We’ve worked with customers in nearly every industry, and we’ve done it all. Some of the industries we’ve worked with include pharmaceutical, process screening, food processing and manufacturing, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, construction equipment, stage equipment, environmental manufacturing, transportation, paper, chemical, and HVAC industries.

Wide range of products.

As our customers are in a wide variety of industries, we’ve had the opportunity as a metal fabrication company to produce many different designs over the years. The Tri-Mac manufacturing facility is 40,000-square-feet, and with three 15-ton cranes, we’re able to take on the biggest jobs. Some of the products we’ve manufactured include industrial screw conveyors, large fan housings, stainless chambers, stainless pipe weldments, metal plates, large turbines, motor housings, drum flakers, fan housings, fans, pulp and paper fabrication, metal sheets and plates, cylinders, and custom large diameter vapor piping.

Wide range of services.

We know that our customers are looking to us to meet their specifications and help them complete projects that only our top metal fabrication company can. Some of the fabrication services we offer include stainless steel plate fabrication, plate fabrication in other metals, our stainless steel welding service, industrial, commercial fan fabrication, pulp and paper fabrication, and industrial repair services.

American made.

Our facility is in the heart of America with a history of steel manufacturing that dates back to the 1800s. While some consumers prefer to take their work overseas, we hope to show our clients that the U.S. is a far better choice. We have higher intellectual property standards, and we understand the importance of confidential, proprietary design information. Our clients can rest easy knowing they’re in good hands.

Further, you can be assured that Tri-Mac leaves little room for error with our contractors. No murky language, linguistic misunderstandings, or potential loopholes. Partnering with Tri-Mac gives you the reassurance that your project will be produced to the best of our expertise, with competitive pricing and on-site resources. Whether it’s a bulk job or smaller specialized project, Tri-Mac metal fabrication company can handle it all.

Contact Tri-Mac Manufacturing today to learn more about our metal fabrication company and the other services we offer.

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