What Do Steel Fabrication Companies Do?

July 30, 2021

What Do Steel Fabrication Companies Do?

An Inside Look at Our Steel Fabrication Company

You may be wondering, “What does a steel fabrication company actually do? Tri-Mac Manufacturing is here to give you some insight into what our company does and what you can expect from a stainless steel fabrication company.

What Do Steel Fabrication Companies Do?

Steel fabrication companies build machines and parts from raw steel and metal materials. Our expert builders and welders will use cutting, burning, welding, machining, punching, forming, and different assembly types to create a product for industrial applications.

Steel fabrication lends itself to many industries, and product creation is as limitless as our clients’ imaginations. In June 2021, it was estimated that nearly 1,406.1K workers were employed in the metal product manufacturing workforce. These fabricators can include machine setters and operators, first-line supervisors, managers, machinists, team assemblers, welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers.

Tri-Mac is proud to offer the best steel fabricators in the industry. Our metal fabricators are highly skilled specialists who can manufacture and manipulate metal with exact precision to a specific shape. Parts can be added or removed to create a custom fabrication for any design.

Steel Fabrication Industry

While mining and machining metal has existed for millennia, the modern metal fabrication shop was first seen during the Industrial Revolution, around 1615. These shops produced lead and tin plates, and by the mid-1700s, metal fabrication companies increased production of sheet metal through the use of a production line and the hydraulic press.

Today, the global sheet metal market is expected to reach $86bn by 2027. Modern metal fabrication companies use plate metal, expanded metals, tube stock, welding rods, and casting to create metal products.

Metal Fabrication Process

Like any job, metal fabrication requires a process involving several steps to see the successful production of a design. While each company employs different methods and there are many factors to consider, a general overview of the metal fabrication process includes specific elements:

  1. Design. Fabricators will work with clients to create diagrams of the project, whether by hand or CAD (computer-aided design) software.
  2. Prototype. Once the design has been implemented, fabricators can create a prototype before full production to ensure quality and application.
  3. Program. CAD designs are translated into automated, computer-controlled machines.
  4. Cut. Among the most widely used cutting techniques are laser cutting, mechanical shearing, and water jet cutting, although there are many ways to cut plate and sheet metal. 
  5. Form. Fabricators will use folding, bending, stamping, punching, machining, and other methods to bend the metal into the desired shape. 
  6. Finish. Once the shape is formed, fabricators can use refining or coating methods to finish the product.
  7. Assembly. If a product design requires assembly, fabricators may weld or incorporate other elements.

Steel fabrication companies like Tri-Mac Manufacturing are an important part of our modern existence: they can help in nearly every industry, and although often behind the scenes, their work takes tremendous skill and expertise.

Contact Tri-Mac Manufacturing today to learn more about our steel fabrication company and the other services we offer.

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