Tri-Mac Manufacturing is Top at Stainless Steel Fabrication Service

May 27, 2021

Tri-Mac Manufacturing is Top at Stainless Steel Fabrication Service

Tri-Mac Manufacturing can cover all of your stainless steel fabrication service projects thanks to our skillset, experience, and resources.

We’ve learned a lot over 30+ years of business. We design and create products to our customer’s exact specifications, and deliver projects on time. Some companies may be tempted to outsource projects overseas, but not Tri-Mac Manufacturing: We keep all of our stainless steel fabrication work in the U.S., and keep your intellectual property confidential.

Tri-Mac also works with other manufacturers to take on outsourced projects and welding jobs from time to time. Big or small, we’re able to keep our prices low and our quality high for our clients by having all of the necessary equipment in-house.

Our Stainless Steel Fabrication Service

When you work with Tri-Mac Manufacturing, you know you are in good hands for your stainless steel, welding, and large tasks. Our 40,000-square foot facility with three 15-ton cranes in Ohio can take on just about any project. We have the skills and experience to manufacture or weld individual components or build entire machine systems.

We’ve worked with clients in the pharmaceutical, process screening, food processing and manufacturing, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, construction equipment, stage equipment, environmental manufacturing, transportation, chemical industry, and HVAC industries.

Tri-Mac is a versatile manufacturer that can create custom plans for any job. Our efficient and effective methods help us to save our clients time and money.

Some of our most popular services include:
Stainless steel plate fabrication. We are particularly adept in stainless steel, which can be difficult for others to work with.
Metal plate fabrication. Our expertise extends to other metals as well, and we’re prepared to take on the job.
Stainless steel welding services. Tri-Mac welders are AWS D1.1 certified, can weld components we’ve fabricated in-house, or can take on outsourced welding jobs.
Sheet and plate rolling. We can roll cylinders and cones up to an eight-foot capacity.
Industrial repair services. While we can build new components from scratch, we can also refurbish and repair old ones.

Common Stainless Steel Fabrication Mistakes

Stainless steel can be a difficult medium to work with. It takes experience to learn how to control its intricacies and minutiae within the many grades: stainless alloys, mechanical and chemical properties, welding, and correct application choice.

Some of the top mistakes to avoid when working with stainless steel are:
Welding it like carbon steel. Stainless steel is more prone to distortion, warping, and fit-up issues. Stainless steel has different properties that include higher thermal expansion and lower thermal conductivity.
Using the same tools. Other grades of steel can lead to premature corrosion if you use the same tools.
Not knowing the type or grade of steel. This will help you know its welding status, characteristics, mechanical properties, and filler metal.

Tri-Mac Manufacturing is proud and prepared to meet all of your stainless steel fabrication service needs.

Contact Tri-Mac Manufacturing today to learn more about our stainless steel fabrication service and the other services we offer.

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