Tri-Mac Provides Steel Fabrication Services for Your Specialty Agricultural Projects

January 27, 2021

Tri-Mac Provides Steel Fabrication Services for Your Specialty Agricultural Projects

Are you in need of steel fabrication services for your agriculture business? Look no further than Tri-Mac Manufacturing! We’re located just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio, in the manufacturing heart of the U.S. Our facility is capable of fabricating new components from scratch (even extra-large jobs), repairing existing components, or even building entire machines from the ground up. While we specialize in stainless steel, we work in a variety of metals. We come up with a custom game plan for every customer we serve to ensure that we meet their unique needs. Here, learn what we can do for businesses in the agriculture space. 


Our team has decades of experience with plate fabrication, stainless steel welding, and industrial repair services. After all, Tri-Mac has been in business since 1982! When you trust us to take on your project, we’ll get to know you and understand the context in which you’ll be using your new component. That information will help us to refine your design (if necessary) and decide on the best manufacturing processes for the job. Not only can you count on exceptional quality, but many times over, we’re able to get the job done even faster than our competitors. 

Our expertise and facilities allow us to take on a wide range of jobs, and in the agricultural space, we’re more than qualified to handle projects like:

  • Feeding and watering troughs
  • Components for machinery like combines and harvesting equipment
  • Storage sheds and other structures
  • Repairing worn-out components

We think you’ll find that Tri-Mac has the right steel fabrication service for your unique job!


Tri-Mac has been working with agriculture businesses for decades, and we understand that they need products that are tough, durable, and hardworking. Those are the exact characteristics of steel, and our team knows how to get the most out of the raw material to directly benefit your business. 

Furthermore, the agricultural industry is growing, and along with it, the increasing global reliance on agricultural equipment to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively, so we understand on our end the need for us to provide the reliable services you might need to continue doing so. We take a lot of pride in using our skillset to support the agriculture business. We think that when you see our shop’s capabilities and how simple it is to work with our team, that we’ll become your go-to for all of your steel fabrication service needs. 


Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your business! We’d be happy to review your proposal and give you an estimate on cost, and walk you through what our process will be. If you’re in the Ohio area, stop by the shop and see for yourself what we have to offer!

Email us at or call us at 513-898-4445 for more information.

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