Specialized Steel Fabrication from Tri-Mac Manufacturing

May 27, 2021

Specialized Steel Fabrication from Tri-Mac Manufacturing

If you’re looking for experts in specialized steel fabrication, Tri-Mac Manufacturing can cover all of your high-quality production needs.

The stainless steel fabrication market expected to reach $132.24 M by 2025. At Tri-Mac Manufacturing, we’re proud to offer a variety of products and services to create specialized steel fabrications of any shape or size. Our clients can rest assured that their large steel fabrication, welding, and machine building projects are produced of the highest equality, efficiently, and accurately, with competitive pricing. Tri-Mac provides the quality of U.S. production from the heart of the country, and never outsources overseas.

Tri-Mac’s adaptable skill set, experience with specialized steel fabrications, and resources allow us to serve a wide range of customers from a variety of industries: pharmaceutical, process screening, food processing and manufacturing, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, construction equipment, stage equipment, environmental manufacturing, transportation, chemical industry, and HVAC.
We also occasionally take on outsourced metal fabrication projects and welding jobs from other manufacturers. Our team keeps your intellectual property secure and will handle your designs with utmost discretion and confidentiality. Given our facility, we’re able to work within your timeframe, often getting the job done faster and costing less than our competitors.

Tri-Mac is proud to have the resources and experience to make nearly every specialized steel fabrication job possible while completing the job to your exact specifications.
Some of our key metal fabrication services include:
Stainless steel plate fabrication. We’ve worked with stainless steel for 30 years and have become adept and equipped for this medium.
Plate fabrication in other metals. If stainless steel doesn’t work for your project, we can create metal plates to any specifications.
Stainless steel welding services. We can take on outsourced projects, as our welders are up-to-date on the most advanced techniques and are always working on their craft.
Sheet and plate rolling. We can roll cylinder and cone sheets and plates up to an eight-foot capacity.
Industrial repair services. We can refurbish and repair old metal industrial components.

Tri-Mac has been in the business since 1982. We work with clients to create the products they need, and over the years we’ve completed thousands of specialized steel projects. Our client’s privacy is a key part of our production process, so this list is not extensive.
This is just a quick look at some of the products we’ve produced:
Industrial fans. From the blades to the housing, we’re capable of fabricating just about every component of industrial fans.
Pulp and paper fabrication components. We’ve become experts at fabricating industrial presses, rollers, and spools for the paper industry.
Custom large-diameter vapor piping. We can fabricate vapor piping in all shapes, including elbows, laterals, square to round transitions, and straight ducts.
Large turbines. It’s our specialty to create precision turbines that require balance size and accuracy.
Motor housings. We can make motor housings of all sizes to fit your specifications.
Drum flakers and centrifuges. We can create components of virtually any size to meet your needs, especially for the chemical space.

If you’re looking for American-made, high-quality specialized steel fabrications, consider Tri-Mac Manufacturing for all of your steel needs.

Contact Tri-Mac Manufacturing today to learn more about our specialized steel fabrication and the other services we offer.

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