Our Stainless Steel Fabrication Service Takes On Your Big Jobs: Up to 14′ and 50,000 Lbs.!

March 4, 2021

Our Stainless Steel Fabrication Service Takes On Your Big Jobs: Up to 14′ and 50,000 Lbs.!

Other stainless steel fabrication services don’t have the necessary equipment to take on big jobs. Creating large components takes specialized resources in addition to an extra-large shop. Tri-Mac Manufacturing has both! That means we can take on big jobs for a variety of industries. Three 15-ton overhead cranes and other equipment help us to create the products you need.

Big Jobs in a Range of Industries

We’re capable of taking on projects like

Agricultural Equipment: Combine harvester components, feeding troughs, and planters

Industrial Equipment: Large fan housings, stainless chambers, turbines, and drum flakers

Paper and Pulp Equipment: Screw conveyors and presses 

and much more! Our versatile skillset and cutting-edge technology allow us to fabricate jobs for a wide range of industries.

Large Component Repair

Not only can we fabricate large projects, but we can also repair your existing large components. If you have a stainless steel component that’s carrying too much wear and tear, you might not need to replace it altogether. Our expert welders and machinists are often able to provide repairs, helping you to save time and money. Contact us and give us the details, and we’ll let you know what we can do.

Building Components and Entire Machines

Tri-Mac’s stainless steel fabrication services are exceptionally versatile. We create custom plans for each of our clients to meet their unique needs. While some of them need individual components manufactured, others need entire machines built from the ground up. Our team has over 35 years of experience and can take on large jobs, no matter how complex.

Choose American Stainless Steel Fabrication Services for Your Big Job

There are lots of great reasons to choose an American manufacturer, especially when working with large components. For one thing, the sheer size of these jobs doesn’t leave much room for error. Miscommunications can lead to mistakes that can be quite costly to correct. 

Tri-Mac is located in Ohio, the heart of America’s industrial region. Working with a local team throughout the planning phase significantly reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings due to barriers you might face otherwise, so you can trust you’ll be satisfied with the end product. Shipping is also greatly simplified!

Since 1982, we’ve worked hard to develop a strong reputation in our industry, and we have. Most of our business is from repeat customers who have come to rely on Tri-Mac for quality stainless steel fabrication services on jobs large and small.

Contact Tri-Mac today and let us know about the large components you need! Email us at trimacmfg@hotmail.com or call us at 513-898-4445.

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