A Look Inside Tri-Mac Manufacturing’s Machine Building Services

April 13, 2021

A Look Inside Tri-Mac Manufacturing’s Machine Building Services

Since our opening in 1982, Tri-Mac Manufacturing has become an industry-leader in stainless steel fabrication, welding, and machine building services. We’re able to handle any job, big or small, thanks to our 40,000 square foot facility in Hamilton, Ohio. Between our large facility and highly experienced team, we make an impact by putting quality first and completing components and machines that other companies simply cannot execute. 

Our Services

At Tri-Mac Manufacturing, we make every manufacturing job possible. With the stainless steel fabrication market expected to reach $132,240M by 2025, as reported by Market Insights Reports, we can assure our clients that their large steel fabrication, welding, and machine building projects are produced efficiently and accurately, with competitive pricing. 

We are proud to serve clients in the pharmaceutical, process screening, food processing and manufacturing, agricultural equipment, mining equipment, construction equipment, stage equipment, environmental manufacturing, transportation, chemical industry, and HVAC industries. 

Our Products

We are well-prepared and well-equipped to handle any project, including stainless steel plate fabrication, plate fabrication in other metals, large steel fabrication, stainless steel welding, industrial commercial fan fabrication, pulp and paper fabrication, industrial repair services, screw conveyor fabrication, sheet and plate rolling, and custom large-diameter vapor piping. 

Tri-Mac is also able to create custom plans from the ground up. Our highly-specialized projects include industrial air scrubber systems, industrial air scrubbers, industrial cyclones, industrial cyclone separators, stainless steel cyclone separators, and stainless steel centrifuges.

Why Choose Our Machine Building Services?

We’re adaptable and can create niche products for any project. With our decades of experience, Tri-Mac will work with you every step of the way and make the process simple. 

  1. We’re based in the U.S. We produce everything on-site in Hamilton, Ohio, and our team works within the same framework as our partners, where generally there’s less room for contractual and/or communication error.
  2. We have the equipment. Our three 15-ton cranes and 40,000 square foot facility can handle any job, big or small. With all of the necessary equipment, we’re able to keep our prices low for our clients.
  3. We’re all about quality. We know stainless steel manufacturing like no one else, and we’re able to translate that experience into quality products.
  4. We beat the competition. We can take on jobs other companies can’t: we specialize in stainless steel, and our facility allows us to take on extra-large jobs.
  5. We do it all. We have the flexibility and versatility to handle any job. 
  6. We fit your schedule. Our experienced team can usually rush to get projects ready quickly, even on short notice.

Whatever your requirements — a single component or entire machine system — Tri-Mac can do the job. Our experience leads to quality products, and the close, personal attention we give your project ensures that everything will be to your specifications.


Contact Tri-Mac Manufacturing today to learn more about our machine building services and the other services we offer.


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