Metal Fabrication Services from Tri-Mac Manufacturing

March 4, 2021

Metal Fabrication Services from Tri-Mac Manufacturing

Throughout the years, since opening in 1982, Tri-Mac Manufacturing has provided metal fabrication services to a variety of industries with specific product and service needs. From standard fabrication to close-tolerance stainless steel work, Tri-Mac can handle the project.  

Our Hamilton, Ohio, facility is over 40,000-square-feet and has serviced 800+ happy customers over 38 years. With 3–15-ton overhead cranes, other manufacturers just can’t compete with the big jobs we’re able to handle.

Our Metal Fabrication Services and More

At Tri-Mac, we make every manufacturing job possible. We have the resources and experience to complete the job to your exact specifications. 

Our key metal fabrication and other services include

Stainless Steel Plate Fabrication: Stainless steel can be challenging to work with: however, we’re particularly adept at, and equipped for, this medium.      

Plate Fabrication in Other Metals: We can create metal plates to any specifications. 

Stainless Steel Welding Services: Our welders are up-to-date on the most advanced techniques and are always working on their craft. 

Sheet and Plate Rolling: We can roll cylinders and cones up to 8 ft. capacity.

Industrial Repair Services: We can refurbish and repair old metal components of any kind.

Examples of Our Products

We’re happy to work with you to create the product you need. Over the years, we’ve completed thousands of metal fabrication jobs, so this list is not exhaustive. 

For now, here’s a quick look at some of the products we’re experts in:

Industrial Fans: From the blades to the housing, we’re capable of fabricating just about every component of industrial fans. 

Pulp and Paper Fabrication Components: We have the resources and expertise to fabricate industrial presses, rollers, and spools for the paper industry.

Custom Large Diameter Vapor Piping: We can fabricate vapor piping in all shapes, including elbows, laterals, square to round transitions, and straight duct.

Large Turbines: Turbines require precision to balance size and accuracy, and at Tri-Mac, this is our specialty.

Motor Housings: We can house motors of all sizes to your specifications.

Drum Flakers and Centrifuges: In the chemical space, we can create components of virtually any size to meet your needs.

Why Tri-Mac

We may be based in southwest Ohio, but we work with businesses all across the U.S. Our unique expertise allows us to create custom plans to complete every job. Thanks to our efficient and effective methodologies, we can save our metal fabrication clients money compared to our competitors. 

Tri-Mac serves a wide range of customers, from agriculture to environmental manufacturing. From time to time, we take on outsourced metal fabrication projects and welding jobs from other manufacturers. Our team will handle your designs with utmost discretion and confidentiality, as keeping your intellectual property secure is important to us. We can work within your timeframe, and often we’re able to get the job done faster than our competitors. 

The global stainless steel market size was estimated at $111.4B in 2019, with an estimated increase to $119.3B in 2020, reported Grand View Research. While some companies may outsource their fabrication overseas, Tri-Mac provides the quality of U.S. production from the heart of the country. It may be tempting to cut costs by sending work overseas, but more often than not, partnering with a company like Tri-Mac can help ensure that you get your metal fabrication service for the most competitive price. 

Contact Tri-Mac Manufacturing today to learn more about our metal fabrication service and the other services we offer.

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