Numerous Uses for Industrial Steel Fabrication from Tri-Mac Manufacturing

April 27, 2021

Numerous Uses for Industrial Steel Fabrication from Tri-Mac Manufacturing

Tri-Mac Manufacturing is proud to be the leader of industrial steel fabrication in southwest Ohio. We efficiently and accurately work on custom large steel fabrication, welding, machine building, and material handling equipment projects with competitive pricing.

Industrial Steel Fabrication Services

Our versatile manufacturing services expertise allows us to create custom plans for any job, whether you’re in the agriculture, aerospace, or environmental manufacturing industries. We work with a wide variety of customers, and we know they value the discretion and confidentiality we put into practice, so this list is not exhaustive of our capabilities. 

Stainless steel plate fabrication is one of our most popular services. Stainless steel can be a difficult medium to work with, and because of that, not all manufacturers are equipped to handle it. 

Plate fabrication in other metals is another one of our specialties. We work with a range of different metals and can take on jobs with unique specifications.

Stainless steel welding is another service we offer. We’re able to weld stainless steel components that we’ve fabricated in-house, and we’re also able to take on outsourced welding jobs. Our welders are AWS D1.1 certified, which means that they are up-to-date on the latest, most advanced techniques. 

Sheet and plate rolling allows us to produce cones and rolled cylinders up to an eight-foot capacity. 

Industrial repair services allow us to refurbish and repair metal components, and by doing so, extend the life of these parts considerably.

10 Surprising Uses for Steel

With the many types and grades, there are even more ways to use steel. Steel is a premium choice to work with, as it is durable yet pliable and has a high degree of strength. It can also be customized for certain applications, given the alloying elements present. You may be surprised by all the customized jobs we can handle:

  1. Food processing and manufacturing. We can fabricate industrial conveyor equipment, bandsaws, slicers, and blenders.  
  2. Pharmaceutical manufacturing. We can create precision components for milling, coating, and conveyor equipment.
  3. Construction equipment . Some of the construction equipment we’ve created includes construction vehicles and tools.  
  4. Transportation manufacturing. We can produce heat shields and exhaust components on-site.
  5. Agricultural equipment. Our facility can fabricate processing and harvesting components for feedlots and tractors. 
  6. Mining equipment. We can create drills, blasting tools, and earth movers designed to meet each mine’s unique needs.
  7. Stage equipment. We can make hoists and lighting arrays for any stage or screen.
  8. HVAC manufacturing. Our large facility gives us the ability to fabricate large duct work and small HVAC systems.
  9. Process/mechanical screening. We work with process and safety engineers to create prototypes of machines. 
  10. Environmental manufacturing. We can create components large and small for specialized solar arrays and wind turbines. 

Material Handling Equipment

Tri-Mac can custom manufacture all types of material handling equipment and the components required for function to keep you up and running. This equipment is essential to your business. If you’re looking for experts in stainless steel fabrication who can build conveyors to move your bulk product, Tri-Mac Manufacturing has the expertise to cover all of your unique manufacturing needs.

Contact Tri-Mac Manufacturing today to learn more about our material handling equipment and industrial steel fabrication capabilities, and the other services we offer.

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