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Our Stainless Steel Welding Company in Ohio is Ready to Take on Your Next Job

No matter where you are located, our stainless steel fabrication company in Ohio is ready to take on your next project. If you’re in the Ohio area, stop by our Hamilton facility to see for yourself how the equipment and crew we work with can benefit your business. While we work with companies across the country, we always see ourselves as your neighborhood manufacturer.
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Why Choose Our Fabrication Company in Ohio?

01. It’s easy to work with our American team

While it’s tempting to consider outsourcing your project to China, our English-speaking team works within the same framework and language you do.

02. Competitive prices

Having been in business since 1982, our shop has a vast collection of equipment that simplifies work on many jobs – this keeps prices low for our clients.

03. Quality is Our Priority

Our team has decades of experience behind them, and they know stainless steel manufacturing like no one else. Their attention to detail helps us exceed your expectations.

04. We Take On Jobs Others Can’t

Not only do we work with stainless steel, which many of our competitors can’t, but the size of our facility also allows us to take on extra-large jobs.

05. We’re Versatile

We’re flexible about the types of projects we accept. It doesn’t have to be stainless steel or a large job – Tri-Mac Manufacturing does it all.

06. We Can Get the Job Done Quickly

We understand that you’re working under tight deadlines, and we can usually rush to get your order ready even on short notice.

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Tri-Mac Manufacturing offers a full spectrum of fabricating services to produce quality
parts, components, and complete custom machines for industry.

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Our Fabrication Company in Ohio is Here for You

If you happen to be in or near Ohio, you have one of the nation’s best fabrication companies right in your backyard. Ohio is well known as a center of industry, and Tri-Mac has been leading the way for over 35 years. Give us the opportunity to bid on your next project, and you’ll be amazed at how effectively we can compete with the U.S. and international manufacturers.
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Taking Pride in Every Job

As the leading metal fabrication company in Ohio, we take our strong reputation seriously. We put care and attention to detail into every job, big or small. Just like you, we take pride in our business. Along these lines, we have profound respect for our clients’ intellectual property. You can count on Tri-Mac to treat your designs with the care and discretion they deserve.
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Tri-Mac Manufacturing offers a full spectrum of fabricating services that produce quality parts and components, as well as complete custom machines for industry. Trust our stainless steel welding company with your next job.
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