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Here you can review a few of the industries Tri-Mac has worked with in the past. From agricultural equipment manufacturing to HVAC manufacturing, we’ve done it all. We’ve been in business since 1982, so the full list would take up more space than we have available here! If you don’t see your industry listed, don’t let that discourage you from contacting us to see what we can do for your business.


Process Screening

Food Processing & Manufacturing

Agricultural Equipment

Mining Equipment

Construction Equipment

Stage Equipment

Environmental Manufacturing


Chemical Industry


Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
We create precision components designed to be exact in their applications. Milling, coating, and conveyor equipment are just a few examples of the many components we can create.
Process Screening/Mechanical Screening
Process and safety engineers regularly turn to us for help with a range of projects. We’re well-equipped to create prototypes of the machines your business needs to keep things running smoothly.
Food Processing and Manufacturing
Industrial conveyor equipment, bandsaws, slicers, and blenders are all types of equipment that we can fabricate at our facility. This industry often needs especially large components, and we have the resources to help get them to the right size.
Agricultural Equipment Manufacturing
We’ve fabricated a wide range of processing and harvesting components for clients in the past. Whether you need custom components for your feedlot or equipment like tractors, we can help you design and customize just the right pieces.
Mining Equipment Manufacturing
Heavy-duty machinery designed to work hard is another one of our specialties. Drills, blasting tools, and earth movers all require specialized parts to meet the unique needs characteristic of each mine. We can create the components you require to keep your mining equipment working at peak performance.
Construction Equipment Manufacturing
We’re able to tackle jobs large and small, a must for this industry. Whether it’s specialized equipment for construction vehicles or tools for construction workers, our 40,000 square foot facility can handle just about any job.
Stage Equipment Manufacturing/Manufacturing for the Entertainment Industry
Hoists and lighting arrays are well within our wheelhouse. Because we work with a wide range of metals and have the capabilities to do welding on-site, we’re able to create customized equipment for any stage.
Environmental Manufacturing
From small components designed for specialized solar arrays to large components like wind turbines, we can fabricate it all on-site. We’ll match your specifications with precision so that your equipment will function effectively.
Transportation Manufacturing
Our facility is well-equipped to create as many components as your vehicles need. Heat shields and exhaust components are just two examples of what we can produce on-site.
Manufacturing for the Chemical Industry
We work in an array of metals suitable for use with various chemicals. Our experienced team can produce pans, kettles, and tanks of all shapes and sizes.
HVAC Manufacturing
The size of our facility makes us a natural choice for large duct work projects, but we can also manufacture smaller components for HVAC systems.
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The Possibilities are Endless

Our many years of experience have given us the ability to create custom jobs for a wide range of customers. When you give us the chance to bid on your next project, we think you’ll be impressed at everything we can do right from our U.S. facility and for highly-competitive prices. We’d love to add your industry to the long list we have going for us!

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Tri-Mac Manufacturing offers a full spectrum of fabricating services that produce quality parts and components, as well as complete custom machines for industry. Trust our stainless steel welding company with your next job.
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