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Tri-Mac is a metal fabrication company that specializes in stainless steel, welding, and large jobs. Our 40,000 square foot facility in Ohio is equipped to take on just about any task. We’ve been in business for over 30 years, and our personnel has the hands-on experience to handle a wide range of jobs. We have the expertise to manufacture or weld individual components, or create entire machine systems, all while offering competitive pricing. Here, see why our stainless steel fabrication company is prepared to meet your manufacturing needs!


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Tri-Mac Manufacturing offers a full spectrum of fabricating services to produce quality parts, components, and complete custom machines for industry.

We Specialize in Stainless Steel Products

Tri-Mac is a custom fabricating, machine building, and stainless steel welding company located in Southwest Ohio

Our competitive advantages keep prices low while ensuring high quality standards. We welcome the opportunity to bid on your next job – we think you’ll be amazed at what we have to offer.

40,000 sq ft Metal Fabrication Company Large Enough to Manufacture the Machines of Today and Tomorrow

01. Stainless Chambers

We’re capable of taking on large stainless steel projects that might be difficult for other companies.

02. Centrifuges

We can manufacture individual components or construct entire machines.

03. Large Turbines

Large industrial equipment is our specialty.

04. Fan Housings

We’re able to work with a variety of metals and processes to fit your budget.

05. Stainless Pipe Welding

Your source for outsourced welding jobs or direct contracting.

06. Drum Flakers

Our technical expertise allows us to fabricate unique and complex components.
Check out more examples of the products we’re capable of manufacturing in our Ohio facility!

industries we work with

Our adaptable skillset and resources allow us to work within a variety of industries.


We create precision components designed to be exact in their application.

Process Screening

Process and safety engineers regularly turn to us for help.

Food Processing & Manufacturing

Conveyor equipment is just one example of what we’ve done in this space.

We’ve fabricated a wide range of processing and harvesting components.

Mining Equipment

Heavy-duty machinery designed to work hard is another one of our specialties.

Construction Equipment

We’re able to tackle even large jobs.

Stage Equipment

Hoists and lighting arrays are well within our wheelhouse.

Environmental Manufacturing

From small components to large wind turbines, we can fabricate it all.


Our facility is well-equipped to create as many components as your vehicles need.

Chemical Industry

We work in an array of metals suitable for use with various chemicals.


The size of our facility makes us a natural choice for large duct work projects.

We specialize in stainless steel plate products.

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